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What is the Cellu-cup? Cellu-cup is simply a little massage tool made from silicone. Fully automatic (no power needed), it allows you to recreate at home and at your own pace, the famous "skin pinch and roll technique" from the Physiotherapist or the beauty therapist. You need to bear in mind that the "skin pinch and roll" technique is the only efficient technique recognized by professionals to fight cellulite.

 With its mechanical action, Cellu-cup helps the lipolysis (degradation of fat cells in the body) and removes the “orange-peel” effect from your skin. This technique is non-invasive and safe. It adapts to whatever the type of cellulite: fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous. Unbreakable and portable so you can take it anywhere.

 You may well have understood, cellulite leads to the formation of clusters of adipocytes. As long as these groups remain grouped together, it will be impossible to eliminate them. With the Cellu-cup massage and its reproduction of the skin pinch and roll technique, you will deconstruct these clusters. As the massages continue, these clusters of adipocytes will reduce. The fat cells will be released and therefore used by your body. The excess fat is converted into energy: it is the lipolysis (breakdown of fat). Furthermore, the adipocytes don't compress the blood and lymph vessels and water, collagen, oxygen ... all flow better. Your skin recovers its elasticity!

 You are a woman, and you will remain so... we advise you to regularly perform your massages with Cellu-cup to maintain the results.

 Even if you continue your efforts with diet and exercise, you cannot affect your hormonal changes. However, you can refine your silhouette if you associate your massages Cellu-cup with a few simple rules regarding diet and exercise. It's proven!

 A clinical study of 67 people in January 2016 was used to quantify the results. People who tested the product noticed a loss of cellulite and orange peel and even lost a few centimeters on the thigh.

 Cellu-cup - Clinical study over 6 weeks - 67 persons

 85% of users say they noticed a reduction in the appearance of their cellulite 

82% of users say they noticed a reduction in thigh circumference
72% of users say they see a slimming effect
86% of users say they noticed a reduction of the orange peel
More than 83% of users say they noticed a reduction in the dimpled appearance of the skin
More than 79% of users say they've experienced a skin tightening
86% of users recommend the product to a friend 

Centimetric loss, upper thigh: 
+3 weeks : 8,43mm less*
+4 weeks : 12,12mm less*
+6 weeks : 17,76mm less*

Centimetric loss, 15 cm above the knee:

+3 weeks : 6,90mm less*
+4 weeks : 11,00mm less*
+6 weeks : 17,55mm less*

100% Silicone.

How To

First, start by applying massage oil, or soap and water during your shower, then squeeze the air from your Cellu-cup and place it on the area to be treated. The pinching of the skin occurs immediately after you release your Cellu-cup. Continue horizontal and vertical for 2-4 minutes. Then start with an S movement for 2 minutes. Lastly, suction the cup deeply and glide for the last step. Approx. 8 minutes in total.  Because images speak louder than words, click over to our video to your right.